Question by .:
What gas scooter I can buy for use for 00 dollars in pennsylvania? How much will gas cost for the scooter?

and how many other gallons of gas average does a scooter take to full ?
As long as the scooter can get me around a small town I dont care the year. As long as it works.


Answer by L H
There is not enough information here, in order to tell you what you want to know someone would need to know the year, make and model of this “scooter”

Answer by Tom B
In Pennsylvania its illegal to ride any type of motorcycle under 100cc’s on any limited access highway.
Ur not going to get much of a scooter for $ 1000
I would suggest to get a scooter with at least a 200 or 250cc engine.
It would go as fast and keep up with traffic
I would also suggest to buy a scooter from the major Japanese brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and avoid any of the Chinese made knock-offs

Answer by Gort
New To Scooters

Check your regional craigslist > for sale > motorcycles for used scooter values.

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