Question by redduke:
How can I raise adequate income to buy this electric scooter?

I’m 13 and my birthday is in a week but the spending budget is only $ 50.00. I have some Buddies in my neighborhood who have electric scooters and on every Saturday bring them to x-treme skateboard parks to jump them off ramps. They even play scooter tag in my neighborhood streets while I sit and watch. So, my question is, how can I raise enough cash to buy this $ 400.00 scooter before school gets out in a month?


Answer by Amber
Electric scooters are gay… just ride a bike.

I adore the workout!

Answer by
A garage sale!!!!!!

Answer by Paul H
i perform on a farm and i created more than $ 500 over the summer time
u can work on a farm, caddy, child sit, petsit, mow lawns, chores etc

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