Question by jasons086:
Can I get a DUI for riding an electric scooter drunk on the sidewalk in Denver?

My cousin’s house is about a mile down the street from mine and lot’s of the time when we hang out we have a couple of beers. My son just got a new electric scooter and I was wondering if I could ride that and be safe? I have a feeling the answer is no.

P.S. Scooters are cool.
About the public intoxication. What if I wasn’t drunk but just had a couple of beers. I have a drivers license and 2 cars but I would ride the scooter if I was over the limit.
Jake your calling me a girl? You may see my scooter parked outside your mom’s house tomorrow night. Don’t worry ill take good care of her.
Grumpy old man you say you WALK a 6 minute mile???? Have you ever seen the Comcast commercial when the put the high speed on the speed walker with the treadmill? That must be you. Do you people not understand my question. I have a couple of beers at my cousin’s house and would rather not drive home. Would it be LEGAL to ride the scooter. I am not talking about being wasted but just one beer over the limit and playing it safe.

A 6 minute mile is 10 miles per hour. That is a damn good pace for an old man, especially walking.


Answer by Koosher
Yes you can get a DUI for that.

Answer by stephen p
You would not get a DUI, but you would get a Public Intoxication charge. DUI pertains to motor vehicles on the roadway.

Answer by smerc72
i dont believe that they would give you a dui but they would give you a public intoxication charge

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