Question by Mom2Cas:
I will need to decide amongst a trampoline with enclosure or an electric stand up scooter for my 9 yr old daughter?

They are each close to the exact same price. She has been asking for a trampoline for awhile. She asked for the electrical scooter on her christmas list though.

Which do you think would be greater?


Answer by Halebop
id say trampoline .. much less srapes and hours of fun .. you can only use a scooter when your out x

Answer by samii
trampoline for certain! way a lot more entertaining and a lot safer!

Answer by Chris S
in my personally viewpoint a trampoline since its safer (roads and stuff), and you can maintain an eye on her.

but don’t take our word for it :)

try searching for small hints on what she really desires far more

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